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22 week pregnancy update

Three things:

1- my daughter may only weigh about a pound, but she has the cuuuutest clothes and shoes. I’m so excited to dress her!
2- it still feels SO strange to say ‘daughter’.
3- I’ve come to realize that I will, in fact, be “that” mom that wears her teenage daughter’s clothes someday to try to look cool. #fairwarning #noshame

This week has gone by so quickly! And it’s been oddly hilarious.

On Friday, we went on a date for our anniversary to a local restaurant with an all-you-can-eat gyro bar and sat in the patio. I fully believe food ALWAYS tastes better when eaten outside.
After we were done eating and were sitting, talking and enjoying the weather, Ben saw his chance and took off running, escaping the patio through a narrow opening in the gate! Brandon jumped into action with his quick realization that I wouldn’t (a) be fast enough to catch Ben, and (b) wouldn’t be able to fit my belly through the tiny slit in the fencing! (Both very true.) I couldn’t stop laughing after he caught him. The whole situation happened so quickly and I’m sure provided plenty of entertainment to passers by! How are toddlers so darn quick?!

Also, there has been MORE baby proofing being done in our home this week. We literally haven’t stopped locking and moving things for over a year now. Nothing is safe, and just when we think we’re done, Ben discovers something new (AKA dangerous and/or fragile). At this point, I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to decorate again, but, rest assured, there has NEVER been a home as safe as ours is right now… I can almost guarantee it.

Although he appears to be lending a helping hand, Ben is carefully taking notes on how he will break into this drawer later.

As Baby Girl has been flipping around in my belly, Ben has also started doing “flips” all around the living room. He’s never even seen anyone do one, but has somehow discovered on his own that he can do somersaults, will do them anytime you ask, and is really good at them at only 20 months old. How?! It’s so impressive! He also poses and smiles when he wants his picture taken (usually with Jack) and will bring me my phone if I don’t have it nearby when his perfect photo opportunity strikes. He couldn’t be any more like me, which I equally love and am terrified by.

Seeing his little personality unfold more everyday makes me so excited to meet his little sister. She has the sweetest and best big brother waiting for her 😘

How far along? 22 weeks

How big is the baby? About 12 inches long and 1 pound! My pregnancy app said she is about the size of a Guinea pig, which made me laugh.

Maternity clothes? Yes, give me all the stretchy!

Sleep? Extra amazing this week, as long as I don’t have to roll over. The cooler nights mixed with us all going to bed earlier has been perfection.

Best moment this week? We had a great playdate with new friends on Thursday that really filled up my cup.

Cravings? Still peanut butter and chocolate anything.

Aversions? None, but I haven’t had much of an appetite this week, for some reason. (You wouldn’t be able to tell by how much I’ve been snacking, though! 🙈)

Labor signs? I started noticing some Braxton Hicks contractions this week. They aren’t painful, just a little uncomfortable. I’m taking them as a reminder to take it a little easier.

Belly button in or out? Ben was trying to “pick” it off the other day, so I think that means it’s officially out 🤣

What I miss? Brandon. He’s been picking up extra hours lately, so we’ve been seeing him less, but I’m so proud of him and how hard he works for our family. I’m thankful it’s only temporary!

Downfalls? So. Emotional. Gah, I can’t even stand how stereotypically teary I’ve been, like every pregnant woman in every movie ever. I don’t remember being like this during my first pregnancy. For example: I have ZERO idea why, but I’ve cried everytime I’ve seen a marching band this pregnancy. At first, I thought it was just a weird hormonal coincidence mixed with bad timing. But guys, between parades and other events around town, I’ve seen a marching band perform on four seperate occasions since becoming pregnant and it hasn’t failed. I wasn’t even in my high school’s marching band or anything sentimental that would lead me to bawl like a baby, but here I am, the weirdo with the big belly that’s wiping away tears as the trumpets pass by– Every. Single. Time. 😭🤣 So embarrassing!

Currently listening to: a great podcast series called RISE Together. Recommend!

Milestones: Ben saw a baby on a commercial, came over and lifted my shirt, pointed to my belly, and said “baby!”. It was so special because he put it all together on his own, and it really felt like he *might* be starting to understand what’s going on?!

What I’m looking forward to? Finishing up some cosmetic home projects Brandon and I have started. I’m so excited about how they’re turning out!

Bump? SO round!