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Pregnancy/ Life Update

Gah, this summer just flew by! The kids in my town are back to school, and the leaves have been falling in our backyard. We’ve been in the midst of a very busy season in our home, and I’m soaking it all up! But how in the world is it already mid-August? And is it too soon to start decorating for fall? (Asking for a friend…)

I’ll be SIX MONTHS pregnant with our little girl starting Friday! I can’t believe that. Maybe it’s because we waited so long to share our big news with the rest of the world, but it feels like I just found out! My belly is getting bigger by the day, and her little fluttery kicks have turned into big thumps, usually on my bladder. I’m loving every one of them!

Exciting news: we think we have decided on her name! Keeping it a secret until her arrival, though.

Here is a list of pregnancy questions/ prompts I found that I thought would be fun to share! I’ll try to do these every week or two! If you can think of any funny or interesting prompts, I’d love to add them to my list!

How far along? 21 weeks

How big is the baby? About the size of a carrot… 10.5 inches long and weighing almost a pound!

Maternity clothes? When I go somewhere and need to look decent. Otherwise, it’s Brandon’s shirts and my running shorts, which are even starting to be a little snug!

Sleep? Sleeping great, other than Ben’s recent switch from two naps/day to just one, and therefore a current little sleep regression to go with it. HELP!

Best moment this week? Seeing family at my cousin Chelsea’s beautiful wedding in Cleveland last weekend. My cousin Sarah and Aunt Paula also sent gifts for the baby, since I’m not having a shower. It was so thoughtful and sweet, and now our girl will be dressed to impress at all times! They sent some of the CUTEST clothes, blankets, and decor for her room! Also, Ben has been talking more and his sweet little voice saying some of the things his little mind comes up with is amazing and so rewarding! Lots of great moments this week (:

Cravings? Peanut butter cookies. Can’t get enough. Pretty sure this belly is half baby, half Tagalongs. #noregrets

Aversions? Does cooking count? I usually love cooking dinner, but can we all just have peanut butter cookies or cereal instead this week? No? Okay…

Labor signs? None, thankfully! Little Miss still has lots of growing left to do!

Belly button in or out? It’s currently flat, but threatening to pop at any time. It’s noticeable under my shirts!

What I miss? Sleeping on my belly. I am glad I was able to up until a week or two ago, but I’ve always slept best that way.

Downfalls? My SPD (symphysis pubis discomfort) pain is in FULL SWING. It came on like an earthquake Sunday, and not gradually like I was hoping for. It’s been killing me, especially when I’m carrying Ben. And rolling over in bed. And pretty much any time I sit/walk/move/stand/lay/do anything, anytime, ever. (I think I’ll make a post explaining SPD soon, because so many people don’t quite understand it, and unfortunately I’m a seasoned veteran when it comes to having it.)

Currently listening to: The new Jason Mraz album. It’s so dreamy! Ben and I have dance parties to it in the kitchen!

Noticing anything different? My nose has been super sensitive this whole pregnancy, but it seems way worse this week, particularly to everything that smells bad. I’m declaring it time for the fall candles!

What I’m looking forward to? FALL EVERYTHING! Most of my maternity clothes are fall/winter, and I can’t wait until it gets a little bit chillier so I can wear them.

Milestones? Brandon lifted my shirt yesterday and laughed. He said, “your belly is so big!” (He’s the only one that is allowed to say that without upsetting me. Then he talked to our girl and made belly button intercom button jokes. It was just so cute. Goodness, I love that man. Happy 5 year wedding anniversary, B!)

Bump? Oh yes, no hiding it now!